Advantage of RCB System House
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Advantage of RCB System House

Steel Frame—Ribbed column Box System, or RCB system for short, is made with Japanese mature technology. This working principle is to connect steel beams and columns by high strength bolts to form ribbed column rigid wall and to enhance rigidity by fastening rod on the end, then all rigid walls combined further by wall connection to form a more stable box system.

1. Fabricated buildings: The degree of industrialization is high, and construction is fast. 

2. Green buildings: It can be repeated disassembly, the main structure recovery can reach to 100.

3. Anti-seismic buildings: box structure combined with light rigid walls is suitable to 

large interlayer displacement, and with excellent anti-vibration features.

4. Fireproof buildings: The original materials of AAC panels is totally inorganic and incombustible. 

5. Energy-saving buildings: Heat preservation effect of the unique hollow wall design is better than traditional cladding. 

6. Environmental construction: There is no wet work on site, therefore without pollution. 

7. Customized buildings: Cladding materials can be chosen according to different kinds of orientation;

 Color and model of decorative layer for exterior wall can be customized. 

8. Stable structure: Box structure is stable, and there will be no common quality defects such as cracks on decorative layer for exterior wall. 

9. Housings with heavy sense of the envelope structure are suitable for Chinese people living concept.