Sinomega House(Qingdao)Co.,Ltd (Headquarter)

Sinomega House (Qingdao) Co., Ltd is the subsidiary of Sinomega Innovative Materials Group. It was founded in 2016. The company is committed to provide the suitable house solution for each customer, and also one stop shopping arrangement for housing project. 

    Currently, Yuanda Company mainly provides 4 major house solutions to: Resort House, Affordable House, Residential Buildings and Commercial Buildings. Our main target group of customers is construction builders, contractors, property developers, resort developers, land owners and construction material traders. 

Sinomega House(Qingdao)Co.,Ltd (Factory)

Sinomega House production base is located at Qingdao city, China; it's only 40 minutes to drive from our airport to factory, and 1 hour to transport the cargo to Qingdao Port. The combined land area is 7500 square meter. 
    The Qingdao Factory has two steel structure production lines from Japan (RCB System) to ensure the frame quality and delivery. Since founded, Yuanda House has got its own R&D department and overseas department, with more than 30 employees. Until the May of 2017, company has finished around 5000 square meter project totally.

New System New System

New Structure Assembly House

Custom-Made Custom-Made

Custom-Made Prefect Case

New-style Design New-style Design

New Design Better Life

Modular Process Modular Process

Modular Process Easy Assemble

Quality Guarantee Quality Guarantee

Good Quality Tech-Support

One-stop Service One-stop Service

After Sale Service

Environment Friendly

Use steel structure as main frame instead of wooden,The wall panel are aac panel,all raw materials are inorganic materials.

Energy Saving

Heat preservation effect of the unique hollow wall design is better than traditional cladding.


Box structure combined with light rigid walls is suitable to large interlayer displacement

Fabricated buildings

 The degree of industrialization is high, and construction is fast.

Fireproof buildings

The original materials of AAC panels is totally inorganic and incombustible. 

Customized buildings

Materials Color and model of decorative layer for exterior wall can be customized.

The projects of power room and logistic room in Maldives

The projects of power room and logistic room in Maldives

three-storey school building in Philippines

three-storey school building in Philippines

RCB System Building in Saint Lucia

RCB System Building in Saint Lucia

 The project of badminton hall in Maldives

The project of badminton hall in Maldives

RCB House Installation Process Video

RCB House Installation Process Video

Headquarter:702 Tower A,Hisense shark valley,Qingdao, China

Factory:The cross of Yunfeng Road and Jiner Road Jiaozhou Industrial Park