New Apartment Project in Guyana Under Epidemic Situation
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New Apartment Project in Guyana Under Epidemic Situation

Along with the global economy recovering, our prefab apartment project in Guyana also been started successfully. After 3 month of lock down, finally site has started with our new technology fast installation house. Our Customer, Mr.Chet , Ceo from Amalia Apartment Co.,Ltd has express his idea and satisfaction on our product. He says: “We always believe that the fast and strong steel structure with ALC Panel house will be a good option for the construction in Guyana instead of traditional way. Base on the stability and quality, and the fast accomplish on customer’s requirement, we will win the market here in Guyana ” Indeed, Mr.Chet sir achieve his word.



We first met with Mr.Chet on Video meeting. Introduced by Russia Embassy we have chance to meet this reliable gentleman. Within 1 month of video meeting and drawing confirmation with our technique team efficiently, we have successfully designed, produced and delivered to Guyana within 3 month. Under present covid-19 situation, boarders been closed, communication are reduced among the world. But still we feel the trust is deeply root in the relationship between us and our customer. To meet mutual benefit and satisfaction.




Epidemic now affecting whole world, new situation and trend will influence and change the world deeply. To change ourselves and to adapt to the new world is every company’s topic. Sinomega will keep our effort and provide better service to our customer, with video meeting ,

Live show factory inspection, live show broadcast and welcome all kinds of new idea and suggestion to share with us. Let’s hold our hand together to step toward a better future