International trade has recovered, our company exported to South Korea again
Release time:2021.7.12      Browse:173
The recovery of international trade has created positive benefits for the post-epidemic era. Sinomega Group has also kept orders recently. New and old customers have stated that the vaccine has been vaccinated, and they are always waiting for the opening of the country and paying regular visits.
The summer is scorching, and the scorching heat keeps people in the air-conditioned room and don't want to go out. More than 30 degrees temperature has already made Sinomega's workers sweat. But everyone knows that we can't stop and worry about what our customers want. This is the service requirement of the group leaders for each Sinomega person.
According to customer requirements, a total of 55 cubic meters of messy goods must be packed into containers today to ensure that they arrive in South Korea on schedule. Everyone gets up early in the morning to sort and classify the goods and repack them according to the size and weight of the goods. Although it is difficult to complete the task, thanks to years of export packing experience, they orderly load the container and try their best to maximize the use of the space inside the container.

The transaction is the beginning of the service. Sinomega people know that success is inseparable from the excellent service spirit as always. From sending samples to South Korea, to sheet orders and then to large orders for villas, every step is indispensable. We will also uphold this spirit and continue to support new and old customers with professional technology.