Live Broadcast Preview
Release time:2021-9-1      Browse:112

Our company will participate in the September Purchasing Festival Promotion held by Alibaba to meet you online. Welcome to our direct broadcasting room to have a face to face contact and we have prepared benefits for you. To let you buy high quality products in home.


We will live broadcast at the following time. Click the link below to enter our live broadcast room. Waiting for you to join us.


1.2021-09-01 00:00:00 American time



2.2021-09-01 22:00:00 American time



3.2021-09-06 22:00:00 American time


4.2021-09-07 6:00:00 American time


5.2021-09-07 22:00:00 American time


6.2021-09-08 22:00:00 American time


During the live broadcast, we will introduce the products in detail (prefabricated house, autoclaved aerated concrete wall panels,AAC panel,AAC block,ALC panel,ALC block,steel structures,etc.), and lead you to visit the factory online to understand the strength of our company and answer customers' questions.


More benefits, please look forward to, come to our studio!