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The September Purchasing Festival Promotion held by Alibaba is in full wing now. Our company has completed 7 live broadcasts with high quality for now. During the live show, we guided our customers to learn about our products, visited our factory and provided discounts for the whole month of September. Welcome to subscribe to our company. If you have an order in September, we will offer you an attractive discount.


Through these 7 live broadcasts, we have received 10149 likes. Our live broadcasts have reached the top of the real-time hot broadcast list.



We conducted 5 indoor live broadcasts, for which we made full preparations. We purchased professional equipment and prepared detailed live broadcast scripts. We tried our best to present the best live broadcast to customers. During the live show, we introduced our products of AAC PANEL, AAC Block, ALC Panel, ALC Block and Prefab House in detail by combining samples and videos.


At the same time, we also conducted two live shows in the factory, leading customers to walk into the production line and inspecting the company's strength on the spot. We mainly introduced our prefabricated houses and AAPanel and visited the model rooms and sample prefab houses.



Our live broadcast finished, welcome to watch the replay or contact us directly to place an order in September. We have discounts for you.