Race Against Time
Release time:2021.11.16      Browse:1553

If you get a 1600 square meter badminton stadium project, according to the domestic conventional materials and construction speed, even everything is ready, only the construction will take at least half a year. But you need to complete the whole building within 4 months. How would you make a plan?


A customer from Maldives got such a project, and then let's give a plan,it needs to be completed within the scheduled time.


It must be said that it is a very correct choice for customer to find us. We are a professional supplier of prefabricated buildings. Flexible scheme, simple and fast construction are the outstanding advantages of integrated houses.



According to the customer's requirements, we suggest that the customer use steel structure as the frame, fill the wall with light steel system, and use ALC/AAC floor panel as the floor bearing plate.






The correct selection of materials, the correct guidance of engineers, the overtime of workers, and the race against time,after less than two months of construction, the badminton stadium was successfully completed and the badminton competitions of the five countries in South Asia were successfully held.

It is our purpose to be urgent for customers, do what customers need, cooperate with each other and achieve a win-win situation. We have been practicing it all the time.