The Chinese New Year is Coming, What Else Shall We Prepare in Advance?
Release time:2021.12.10      Browse:1464

Today is Dec 10th, a quite normal Thursday. But, it also means:

15 days to celebrate the Christmas...

22 days to celebrate the New Year...

52 days to celebrate Chinese New Year...


To most of the people that have been cooperate with Chinese supplier must be very familiar with the Chinese New Year.


The Chinese New Year, also called Spring Festival(春节), is the first day of a year on the traditional lunisolar Chinese calendar. It can be originated from more than 5000 years ago, for making sacrifices to thank the gods of the heavens and the earth, the ancestors' grace, and the activities of praying for blessings and warding off evil spirits.


Nowadays, the Chinese New Year still consist of a series of activities, starting from the Minor New Year(小年), which is Dec 23rd (Northern China) or Dec 24th (Southern China) in Chinese Calendar. The Minor New Year means from that day on, we need to start preparation for the Spring Festival, like

Offer sacrifices to the Kitchen God;

Sweep the dust;

Write Spring Festival Scrolls/couplets;

Bath and Haircut;

Prepare the necessaries for Spring Festivals, etc.


Then comes the biggest and most important festival for all the Chinese, the Spring Festival! The activities will start from the Chinese New Year Eve, till the 15th of the first month(the Lantern Festival).


Most of the factory would stop working since or even before the Minor New Year(Gregorian calendar, Jan 25th or 26th). And the resume working date of every factories maybe different, but normally no later than the Lantern Festival(Feb 15th in Gregorian calendar). Therefore, you need to check your demand and planning, and confirm with your supplier right now to leave enough time for production and loading. After the Minor New Year, even though their sales people may be working, no one can do the production and container transportation.


In the end, May the joy of the Christmas, the New Year and the Chinese New Year be with you throughout the year of 2022!