Under the epidemic situation, we have to move forward
Release time:2022.1.13      Browse:1445

Under the epidemic situation, have to move forward


It has been two years since COVID-19 broke out,and has had a great impact on people's lives and work all over the world. 


It has had a great impact on the International trade, and we obviously feel that the customer's demand has become less. Although the price of raw materials and sea freight soared, which made it more difficult for us to get orders, there are still old customers who continue to support us and we work hard together in the epidemic.


One of the customers ordered steel structure warehouse and accommodation block,the development has not stopped because of the impact of the epidemic.


Although it takes longer to determine the order and receive the goods than before the epidemic due to the impact of the epidemic, compared with the traditional concrete structure houses, the steel structure prefabricated house installation is simple, time-saving and labor-saving, which greatly shortens the construction period. The building installation is under going:


Foundation making:



Steel structure installation: (3 days )



Steel structure installation:(5days)


Believe the house will be completed soon. This is one of steel structure prefabricated building. Although the epidemic is in power, we keep moving forward.