New Technology Affordable Town House in Philippine
Release time:2022.03.01      Browse:1272

Along with the global economy recovering, our town house project in Philippine also been started successfully. On the end of 2021 and the beginning of 2022, The Philippine town house project with our fast installation new technology affordable house has complete its 1st phase which at a qty of 800houses. Our Customer, Mr.Cris ,  express his idea and satisfaction on our product. He says: “We always believe that the fast and strong steel structure with ALC Panel house will be a good option for the construction in Philippine instead of traditional way. Base on the stability and quality, and the fast accomplish on customer’s requirement, we will win the market here in Guyana ” Indeed, Mr.Cris sir achieve his word with the ALC Panel technology houses.

The house system is build up with Steel Structure with ALC Panel system. Which the structure considered with galvanized steel square column ,with ALC Panel for the house wall , floor and roofing materials. In this way the house possess the ability of anti-rust, strong load bearing ability, anti-earthquake, durability and fast installation advantages. Beside the high fire rating, warm insulation ability and sound proofing function of ALC panel itself. When our user go into house will find himself in a very cooling, quite condition compare with traditional hollow block houses and in the meantime feeling safe.

Mr.Cris says:”the reason we choose ALC technology for the houses is because of the fast installation speed and load bearing ability, which is suitable for the island, high wind load high earthquake possibility environment in Philippine. Beside our town house project will benefit more because of ALC panel’s function that can save room space and give our customer a better living feeling when they actually live in it.”

Mr.Cris says:” Instead of ALC Block product like we use before, this time for the housing project we choose panel at the last time of determination. And end up the choice that we made is a correct and good one. Because of ALC Panel it own has rebar inside, the load bearing ability is super, and also with Sinomega’s design. The combination between ALC Panel and Steel structure is perfect and easy for our workers, faster installation speed than with ALC Blocks. The 1st phase of project suppose to finish in the month of May, but now it finished earlier, which give our team more time on entertaining in the next project, benefits us a lot.

Epidemic now affecting whole world, new trend will influence and change the world deeply. Basic building material like cement and sands cost are increasing day by day. To change ourselves and to adapt to the new world to try new things is every company’s topic. Sinomega will keep our effort and provide better service to our customer, with video meeting ,

Live show factory inspection, live show broadcast and welcome all kinds of new idea and suggestion to share with us. Let’s hold our hand together to step toward a better future