New Product Development: Sinomega One Stop Temporary House Solution ------- Faster, Easier, Cheaper, Modular
Release time:2022.04.30      Browse:2095

Considering the recent rising need of cheap temporary living house, Sinomega has developed a total solution for prefab one stop temporary house solution.

Sinomega Temporary Prefab House Solution is to combine multiple sets of 20ft flat pack container houses to get different function areas, to meet different requirements. The clients could choose among them. It is movable, modular, flexible and quick to install. It consists of:

1.Accommodation area,

2.Public toilet and shower,

3.Clinic, and

4.Activity area.


Faster Delivery

Quicker & Easier to install

More Flexible

Movable, modular and stackable

Cost economic

Environmental friendly, and reusable


If you are interested, please feel free to contact us!